We will try to keep things up to date through this website for the time being in the event people are still using it.  If you are on FaceBook we do have pages there where you can keep in touch.  If you are unable to reach us by any other means please feel free to email me at mugs60whs@aol.com or telephone 805-226-8841

Once again another reunion is in the books.  We had a smaller group than usual for our 55th Reunion but that it didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of those that were able to attend.  Watching folks do their best at working the hula hoop and performing yo-yo tricks provided us all with a few good laughs….not to mention the straw shooting contest.   Helene Lazar, Marty Willhoff and Dick Battersby reigned supreme in their respective categories.   Thanks to those that gave singing a whirl….too bad we didn’t have better sound equipment!

It was great to have people travel from all over…Richard Moore came from Ireland, Roxanne Hodge from Germany and Bob Brackney from Mexico!  Fun to have Shirley Manley and Jerry Hix win a prize for the longest married, Willie Reza and Anna Chavez for the most grandchildren and Mary VonderBruegge for the most great grandchildren.  And we had three sets of twins…Estabrooks, VonderBruegges and the Hodges!  The one thing that always makes a reunion a resounding success is you, the classmates, who choose to attend.  That is what these reunions are all about after all and it is so much fun to catch up with everyone and there is a sadness too in that they all end much too soon and there is never enough time to really get to visit with everyone.  Hopefully this book will help you to remember some of the highlights of the evening.

I want to thank John Piccirillo for once again making our name badges even though he was unable to attend.  To the gals that stepped in to help me I am so very grateful:  Joan Meister, Donna Willett, Chris VanHouten, Sara Gribble, Helene Lazar and Claudia Penney…thank you!  And, to Mike Goodwin for taking the job of emcee for the night.  Good job Mike and many thanks for all you put into this reunion.  And what fun to again have 5 of our faculty attend:  Jack Mele, Wally Leonard, Jerome Dean, Colleen Tan and Virginia Lescsak.  A HUGE thank you to Jim Ross for his generous donation that made it possible for us to include these teachers

Again, thanks  to all of you for your support over the years, through your efforts and/or attendance.  But, most of all, many thanks for your friendship and comaraderie since the days of our youth and for making our lives more enjoyable and more meaningful than they would have been if we had never known each other.

We hope you all had as much fun attending as we did planning and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a 60th Reunion in 2020!!!

Margaret Shumard Magee -Reunion Committee 



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